Southwest of Love and Murder

Southwest of Love and Murder - Brenda Whiteside

Southwest of Love and Murder, by Brenda Whiteside, is a romantic suspense novel about Phoebe, a suspense novelist who, in the guise of doing some research on ranching for her next book, is looking for romance by 

Getting away from the city, spending time on a ranch with a handsome — no, a damned sexy cowboy....

Phoebe's romantic research with her cowboy Mason is going well (except he prefers the term rancher), until she realizes that she has been followed by a stalker from the city to the country. The book's point of view alternates between Phoebe, Mason, and her stalker (whose identity is not revealed to the reader, until Phoebe becomes aware that she is being stalked). At this point, the book transitions from a romance with mystery and just a touch of suspense, to a suspenseful mystery with a side of romance.

No matter whether the romance or the suspense is predominating at the moment, the result is a very good read. I recommend this one, y'all — if you like romance, and suspense, I think you'll really like Southwest of Love and Murder.

Southwest of Love and Murder received Four Kitties from Jane Reads Blog. I really enjoyed it!

Note: I received a complimentary copy of Southwest of Love and Murder from the author and Goddess Fish Book Tours, in exchange for an honest opinion of the book.

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