Gone and Done It by Maggie Toussaint

Gone and Done It - Maggie Toussaint
I just read a really good book, y'all — Gone and Done It, Book 1 in the Dreamwalker series. Let me tell you why I like it.
I was immediately engrossed in the action of Gone and Done It, told by Baxley Powell. In the first chapter, I enjoyed Baxley's interaction with two good old boys (she also thinks of them as "bozos"), as she speaks with them "using small words" to make sure they understand her. She's quite relieved when they leave, so that she can finish planting the cherry tree in peace — until she finds the skull, at the bottom  
of the hole — which is how the chapter ends.
["And then what happened?", you may be asking yourself.   READ THE BOOK!
Because Baxley reveals details gradually, I felt compelled to keep reading so I could find out what different references meant. For example, here is the third paragraph of the book:
God, I was so tired of pretending everything was fine. Between bureaucratic red tape, enhanced sensory perceptions, and the odd jobs I worked, I felt decades older than my twenty-eight years.  
What bureaucratic red tape is she entangled in? How are her sensory perceptions enhanced, and how does she experience them? How odd are her jobs? 
(And just what is a Dreamwalker, anyway?)
To find out the answers to these questions, and others that arise because of the enjoyable plot twists and turns along the way, READ THE BOOK.  

Gone and Done It by Maggie Toussaint has

  • Original premise
  • Kick-ass heroine ‒ relatable, genuine, with a little snark thrown in
  • Fast-paced and fun style
  • Good worldbuilding ‒ a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business
  • Great climax
  • Great ending, that hints of a mystery to be resolved in future book(s) 
I really enjoyed Gone and Done It, and am looking forward to reading the sequel, Bubba Done It.
Four kitties out of five.
Stay tuned for my Blog Tour Review of Bubba Done It on May 27, 2015 — 
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