That's Not My Suitcase

That's Not My Suitcase - Laina Turner That's Not My Suitcase by Laina Turner is a fun, quick read. I couldn't put it down, and finished That's Not My Suitcase in one day!

As That's Not My Suitcase begins, the novel is all Chick Lit. Sterling's divorce has just become final. Sterling's best friend convinces her to take some time for herself, because Sterling deserves it and needs it. So off she goes, for a week at a resort in Bimini. Unfortunately, Sterling's two suitcases go to Washington Dulles Airport.

Sterling has no make-up and no toiletries. She had to buy shorts and a T-shirt — over-priced, tacky, and ill-fitting — at the resort gift shop. She can't just hide out in her room, though, because she's starving. Sterling wears her new clothes to the resort restaurant, and meets a man, one who's available, no less. Talk about bad timing; he's tall, dark, and handsome, and she's "looking like a train wreck." But wonder of wonders, he wants to see her again!

Sterling's suitcases finally make it to Bimini. As you may have guessed from the title, when Sterling opens one of the suitcases, she realizes That's Not My Suitcase.

At this point, That's Not My Suitcase goes into Cozy Mystery Mode. Sterling thinks she's being followed when she goes into town. Her room is ransacked. There are several possible suspects to choose from, and red herrings to eliminate. There is danger and suspense, with a thrilling climax.

There are new friendships for Sterling, and a possibility of romance — back to Chick Lit. I wasn't ready for the book to end. I wanted to read more about Sterling and ???? !

I recommend That's Not My Suitcase by Laina Turner to all Cozy Mystery fans, as well as fans of Chick Lit. It would make a fantastic Beach Read! If you're new to Cozies, this would be a great introduction to the genre.

Note: I received a complimentary copy of That's Not My Suitcase in exchange for my honest review.

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