The Body in the Landscape (A Cherry Tucker Mystery Book 5)

The Body in the Landscape (A Cherry Tucker Mystery Book 5) - Larissa Reinhart I really enjoyed The Body in the Landscape, the fifth book in the Cherry Tucker Mystery series by Larissa Reinhart. It's an amazing Five Star Read, as are the previous books in the series. [NOTE: This book can be read as a stand-alone, as far as the mystery itself; however, to fully appreciate all that is Cherry, and to understand the back-story of all of the characters, I recommend reading the series books in order.]

Unlike the previous books, none of The Body in the Landscape takes place in Cherry Tucker's hometown of Halo, Georgia. Instead, all of the action occurs at Big Rack Hunting Lodge, Swinton, Georgia. Big Rack is the site of a special weekend boar hunt for "Hogzilla," a giant feral European boar. Two of the hunters have a side bet going, that one of them will bag Hogzilla. Cherry, a struggling artist, is there at Big Rack because she has been commissioned by these two hunters to paint the Kill Portrait of the winner with Hogzilla.

While waiting for the hunt to begin, Cherry goes out into the woods to paint an autumnal landscape, because painting clears her mind from all the goings-on in Halo. Her mind gets so clear that she includes a royal blue blob that she sees in the distance, without realizing just how out of place it is. When she checks out what the blue object is (a ball cap), she discovers "the body in the landscape."

The Swinton police rule the death an accident, but Cherry gets it in her head that the victim was murdered. Then she takes it upon herself to "help" the police with their non-investigation into his death, by asking a lot of questions of the lodge staff and the other hunt participants.

Other incidents occur, sometimes with unclear targets. The lodge staff says they are just pranks, but Cherry believes the incidents are intended to maim or kill. The other folks at Big Rack aren't used to Cherry, and the way she gets when she involves herself in what may or may not be crimes. Some of the others even suspect Cherry herself of being the "prankster."

Are these incidents just pranks, or murder attempts? Who's the target? And who's the perpetrator? For the answers to these questions, read The Body in the Landscape by Larissa Reinhart, rated an amazing Five Star read.

[Note: I received a complimentary copy of The Body in the Landscape in exchange for my honest review. All opinions shared are 100% my own.]