Obsidian Curse (A Stacy Justice Mystery)

Obsidian Curse (A Stacy Justice Mystery) - Barbra Annino Obsidian Curse is another great read from Barbra Annino — # 5 in the Stacy Justice, Reluctant Witch Mysteries.

Important note: As Annino states on the title page of Obsidian Curse,
It is highly recommended that this series be read in order.

I enjoyed reading all of the books in this series, and have rated them all either Four or Five Kitties. If you like cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist, you'll love Stacy Justice! The series begins with Opal Fire, so be on the look-out.

About the series, from the author's website:
Take a reluctant witch. Add a kooky cast of characters. Place in a small town. Sprinkle on a hint of magic and stir in a helping of humor. Garnish with a Great Dane and you have the Stacy Justice Mystery series.

Barbra Annino has done a super job with book elements such as world-building and characterization in the Stacy Justice Mysteries.

In Opal Fire, Stacy is reluctant, unwilling even, to embrace her witchiness. In Obsidian Curse, she is finally accepting it — again. She was an eager witch as a young child! Read the books, to learn what made her put aside her witchcraft, and then pick it up again.

The cast of characters may be "kooky," but they're also believable. During the timeline of the five books, the reasons behind the characters' quirks are gradually revealed. The reason for the quirks of one character in particular (Lolly, probably the kookiest one of all) is quite poignant. What could it be? you may be asking. Read the books, and you'll find out the scoop about Lolly, her sisters Fiona and Birdie (Stacy's grandmother), and all the others.

Stacy's familiar is Thor, a Great Dane. The interactions between Stacy and Thor are always fun to read about. What are you waiting for?

I realize that I haven't said anything specifically about Obsidian Curse. That is because I can't figure out what to say that isn't a spoiler. So....

I will just repeat my recommendation that, if you like cozy mysteries with a paranormal twist, you'll love the Stacy Justice Mysteries, including Obsidian Curse!

I really enjoyed it, and hereby bestow upon it Four out of Five Kitties!

Note: My review copy of Obsidian Curse was borrowed from Amazon's Kindle Owners' Lending Library.

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