Death Runs Adrift (The Gray Whale Inn Mysteries)

Death Runs Adrift - Karen MacInerney I really like Death Runs Adrift, by Karen MacInerney! In fact, I really like this entire series — the Gray Whale Inn Mysteries. The main character, Natalie Barnes, and (most of) the other Cranberry Islanders are so likable, and their descriptions and characters are so well-written, that I feel like I've gotten to "know" them over the years. I now think of them as old friends that I am glad to visit with, during the course of each new book.

I have rated each of the previous books in the series Four Kitties (out of Five) on my blog. You can read my reviews of #3, Murder Most Maine, here and #4, Berried to the Hilt, here.

The books in this series just get better and better! I recommend reading them in order, so as to keep all of the "supporting cast" straight, but a reader new to the series could follow the plot of Death Runs Adrift easily enough.

I really like this book! (I seem to be repeating myself.) Death Runs Adrift is a very enjoyable "feel-good" kind of book — for a murder mystery, of course! It has romance, just the right amount, for Natalie and John, the handsome leading man. It has a mystery to be solved — several, in fact — and a few murders, but no gory descriptions. There are only two guests staying in the Gray Whale Inn, and even though they were strangers, wonder upon wonders, they are perfectly compatible, and are barely a bother to Natalie at all! (That doesn't seem to happen very often.)

My favorite part of Death Runs Adrift is the resolution of a major problem that had arisen. I think I may have been smiling while I read it. I can reveal no more without the risk of giving something away, and as this is a spoiler-free review and blog, all I can say is, Death Runs Adrift has earned Four Kitties!

Originally published at Jane Reads, with a Guest Post by Karen MacInerney!