Rearview Mirror

Rearview Mirror - Lorene Haupt

Rearview Mirror by Lorene Haupt is an excellent novelette — well written, with believable characterizations — especially for a debut work.

There are no wasted words, no "fluff" here — with only 45 pages in the book, the author makes every word count. The conversations that occur between the characters are written in a realistic style, not a stilted one. A "flashback" passage is handled well. The theme of Rearview Mirror is plausible (and older than dirt) — re-kindling an old flame, but with a few modern twists — written with a backdrop of social media, and pop-culture references that add to the fun.

I really enjoyed reading Rearview Mirror, and rated it Four Stars. I highly recommend it, especially to anyone who has ever looked back and wondered "What if...."

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