The Eggstone Murders: A Starfire Mystery

The Eggstone Murders: A Starfire Mystery - Herbert L. Smith

The Eggstone Murders is a cozy mystery, the first book in the Starfire Mystery Series. I am a big fan of the cozy mystery genre. Almost all of the cozies that I read are written by women, about women sleuths, however, so this book was a bit of a stretch for me.

At first, I didn't really get into the story, or connect with the main characters. (Keep in mind, though, that my disconnect reflects my preferences, not the author Herbert Smith's book.) I didn't give up on The Eggstone Murders, but kept on reading, with the hope that I would like it better.

And wow, am I glad I did! There is a plot twist at the very end that was totally unexpected, and changed the way I looked at a character. Now I am psyched to read the second book in the Starfire Mystery Series, Liquor Is Quicker, which is expected to be published in October 2013.

Author Herbert Smith, before becoming a novelist, was a teacher, lecturer, and writer of non-fiction books for many years. The detailed expository passages in The Eggstone Murders demonstrate his pre-novelist success as a non-fiction writer. I enjoyed the little nuggets of knowledge that I gained from his book. For example, do you know what Loess Hills are? I didn't — but I do now, and you will too, when you read The Eggstone Murders. (I'm a science geek, so I like learning facts like that.)

I suspect that in the next book, the fiction elements (such as dialog and characterizations) will, in my opinion, be as strong as the non-fiction elements that Herb Smith has mastered. I look forward to reading Liquor Is Quicker, to learn if my hypothesis is true or false.

I gave The Eggstone Murders a three-kitty rating, primarily because the men of the Starfire Detective Agency didn't give the chick-lit aspect to the book that I look for in the more typical cozies that I usually read. I recommend this book for men who like cozy mysteries, and for women who are open-minded fans of cozies — not female chauvinists like me (sorry, Herb).

{Originally published at Jane Reads}