Stranded - Dani Pettrey Stranded is the third book in author Dani Pettrey's Alaskan Courage series of inspirational romantic suspense books. It is not essential that the books be read in order, however. Stranded can be read as a stand-alone, as I did, without becoming lost or confused about story lines or character development from previous books.

The three (so far) Alaskan Courage books tell the tale of the McKenna family. Each book spotlights a particular family member. In Stranded, Gage McKenna is featured. He and Darcy St. James first met in Book #2, Shattered (which I have since purchased, so I can catch up on their back story and read about Piper McKenna, Landon Grainger and Reef McKenna).

I liked Stranded very much. The genre is a bit of a switch for me — I usually read ordinary romantic suspense that is uninspiring. In ordinary romantic suspense, all of the suspense in the story line revolves around solving the mystery. In inspirational romantic suspense, Stranded included, the suspense is divided between: a) How will the mystery be solved? Whodunit? and b) Will the non-Believer(s) be brought to Christ?

Author Dani Pettrey handled the inspirational aspect very well. I have read other inspirational mysteries in which the Christian message was too heavy-handed, thus only attracting readers who are Believers, and defeating (or so it seems to me) one purpose of the genre. The spiritual message in Stranded is not overwhelming, so that a reader "on the fence" could be drawn to know Christ for him/herself.

Dani Pettrey's world building, character development, scene descriptions and dialogue are all outstanding. She made me wish I could live in Yancey, Alaska, just so I could be neighbors with the McKenna family (except it gets cold there in the winter, so maybe I had better stay in South Carolina). She made me wish I was on the Bering with Darcy and Gage (except there were people dying, so maybe I had better stay in South Carolina).

I recommend Stranded to all readers of romantic suspense, especially to fans of inspirational romantic suspense, and grant it my Four-Star seal of approval.

{Originally published at Jane Reads}