Too Much Blood

Too Much Blood - Jane Bennett Munro Too Much Blood is the second book in the Toni Day Mystery series by Jane Bennett Munro, MD. Dr Munro is a pathologist in a small hospital in Twin Falls, Idaho, as is Dr Toni Day Shapiro. There, the similarities end, I trust. The citizens of the real Twin Falls are better behaved, hopefully, than those of the fictional Twin Falls. The scheming, homicidal and incendiary nature of a few of the residents of fictional Twin Falls make Too Much Blood a very good read, however.

Toni is a very likable character, well written and three-dimensional. The amateur sleuthing of the protagonist in some other cozy mystery series can seem so far-fetched. Toni's assistance to the Twin Falls police officers is crucial to solve these murders. Her husband Hal, her mother Fiona, and her friends are also well-developed characters, and add a lot to the enjoyment of the book.

I am finding it difficult to explain further about why I like this book so much, without giving major spoilers (and I don't do that), or else just repeating what is in the synopsis. But I do. Really, really like it ― another five-star read for Jane Bennett Munro!

I received this book from the author, with no expectation of a positive review. My review was originally published at Jane Reads, along with an EXCLUSIVE author interview!