Hurricane Party

Hurricane Party - Steve Brown

This book was a disappointment to me.


I bought it in September 2009, at Books-a-Million. The author was at a table just inside the store, and I stopped to talk to him. When I told him I like mysteries, he recommended Hurricane Party and I had him autograph it to me. You would think that having an autographed book would encourage me to read it right away, but for some reason or another I put it away.


I pulled it out for the Goodreads October Mini-Challenge of Cozy Mysteries. I needed to read a book I already owned, and this was the only unread one I could find. I wanted to like it (it has my name in it, y'all!), and I kept plugging away at it, hoping it would get better but, alas, it never did.


It's a murder mystery that takes place during a Hurricane Party along the SC Grand Strand. As I was reading it, I realized I didn't care about any of the characters (who were dropping like flies, or barometric pressure). Definitely not a cozy mystery, to me. Perhaps readers who like "un-cozy" mysteries will enjoy it. It is the fifth in the Susan Chase series.  Perhaps if I had read the previous four Susan Chase books, I would have liked it better.