Big Numbers: 1 (An Austin Carr Mystery)

Big Numbers: 1 (An Austin Carr Mystery) - Jack Getze Big Numbers is the first book in the Austin Carr Mystery series. Author Jack Getze states that the genre is Screwball Mystery, an apt description for a fun read.

Austin Carr has the worst luck. A successful stockbroker until the market crashed, Austin underwent some major changes in his lifestyle after the crash. His income, based solely on commissions from his clients' stock transactions, was cut in half. The worst consequence is that, because he can't make his alimony and child-support payments on his current salary, Austin's visitation rights with his two children have been suspended.

And then, there's all the people trying to kill him.

But none of this affects Austin's self-confidence. He believes that people will like him, because he gives them "the famous Carr smile." He gets people to go along with him, by flashing "the famous, full-boat Carr grin." He is irresistible to people, because of "the famous Carr charm."

Austin's story, charm and all, was irresistible to me. I couldn't put it down, because I just had to find out what would happen to Austin next, and ended up reading Big Numbers in one day. I am looking forward to reading Big Money and Big Mojo, the next books in Jack Getze's Screwball Mystery Austin Carr series.

I recommend Big Numbers to mystery fans, especially those who like their mystery splashed with a dash of noir, a pinch of zany, some thrilling, and a lot of funny. Big Numbers, by Jack Getze, rates four out of five stars -- I really enjoyed it!

(originally published at Jane Reads)